ABC orders S.H.I.E.L.D pilot

Looks like S.H.I.E.L.D is joining the Whedonverse gang.

According the, ABC has ordered a pilot from Marvel TV that will have Joss Whedon as an executive producer. The series will be set in the same universe as Whedon’s blockbuster movie ‘The Avengers‘ and will follow the law enforcement organization that is lead by Nick Fury. The script is to be written by Whedon himself, along with his brother Jed and Maurissa Tancharoen. There are rumors that Joss may direct as well.

Production plans for the pilot are expected to begin as soon as possible.

Personally, I am very excited for this news. It’ll be nice to have a Whedon show in a network that will actually give it a chance for a change. Naturally, my mind goes to all of the possible guest spots from Whedon alums. Perhaps we’ll see some familiar faces?


‘Hell on Wheels’ Season 2 Promo

Ready to raise a little hell? With the return of AMC’s Hell on Wheels less than a month away, the network has finally released an on-air promo for the new season. And judging by the 31 second spot, it seems things are just getting started for Mr.  Cullen Bohannon.

Season 2 of Hell on Wheels airs Sunday, August 12 on AMC.

‘New Girl’ Season 2 Promotional Poster

Thanks to, we get to take a gander a the brand new promotional poster for FOX’s hit series, New Girl. The post features star Zooey Deschanel surrounded by her fellow cast mates as they squish in close in attempt to get in front of the bathroom mirror. The tagline reads “New Season. Same Towels.” Which of course, is a nod to episode 1×11, where gramophone Schmidt learns that he has been sharing a towel with Nick for years.

In case you missed the first season, FOX will be airing a repeat of season one starting this coming Thursday, which will lead to the September 25 season premiere. Check your local listings.

Check out the poster under the cut.

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Nicholas Hoult not returning for ‘Skins’ finale

It seems we won’t be seeing ring-leader Tony Stonem in the final season of Skins. Nicholas Hoult has claimed he is too busy with his career to reprise the role.

“No, I’m not going to be doing it.” Hoult reported to The Sun “I loved Skins but I don’t think I can fit it in.” The actor has been busy since his character left the show, most notably playing Hank McCoy in Marvel’s X-Men: First Class. Currently, the actor is busy with his new movie, Mad Max: Fury Road. “I’m filming Mad Max in Namibia, which will mean I’m away for ages.”

It’s a shame he won’t be returning. However, Skins writer Jamie Brittain confirmed earlier this year that Jack O’Connell will be returning to the series for the series-seven finale, reprising the role of Cook.

REVIEW: Weeds 8×03 – ‘See Blue and Smell Cheese and Die’

Let the games begin! In tonight’s episode of Weeds, Nancy and Silas are on the lookout for Shane, who is on the hunt for Nancy’s shooter. Andy tries his hand at bonding with Jill’s twins, and Doug and Whit come up with another crazy scheme. The episode also guest starred Mae Whitman.

Warning: Review contains spoilers.

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Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog Coming to TV

Things are about to get a bit more horrible. During his panel for Dark Horse comics, Joss Whedon announced his hit web-series, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, will be airing on network TV. You will be able to watch the series on the CW this coming 2012/2013 season.

In addition to this news, Whedon announced he has been working on a sequel for the series, along with his brothers Zak and Jed. Whedon says it’s possible they could go into production as early as this spring. Of course, with stars’ Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion’s busy schedules, we’ll just have to wait and see.


True Blood Season 5 trailer from Comic-Con

Interview and live blog of the True Blood Comic-Con panel can be found at

Once Upon a Time Season 2 Preview

Once Upon a Time returns Sundays this September at 8/7c on ABC

2 Minute Sneak Peek from Dexter Season 7!

Warning! The following clip contains spoilers for season 6!
Thanks to Showtime, you can watch the first two exciting minutes of the new season of Dexter.
Dexter returns Sunday, September 30 on Showtime at 9:00 P.M. ET/PT.

Shiny! ‘Firefly’ Reunion and Panel at Comic-Con 2012

Browncoats rejoice! Ten years after Firefly took flight, the cast and crew reunite for Comic-Con 2012. Writer Jose Molina, writer/producer Tim Minear, cast and, of course, Mr. Joss Whedon all gathered in Ballroom 20 this past Friday. While the entire cast wasn’t able to make it, those who were able to attend provided us with an excellent panel. Even ten years later, the cast and crew seems as if no time had passed. Still just one big happy family. Though I wasn’t able to attend Comic-Con personally this year, I was able to catch the video of the panel by TFAW on youtube (link below).

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