Shiny! ‘Firefly’ Reunion and Panel at Comic-Con 2012

Browncoats rejoice! Ten years after Firefly took flight, the cast and crew reunite for Comic-Con 2012. Writer Jose Molina, writer/producer Tim Minear, cast and, of course, Mr. Joss Whedon all gathered in Ballroom 20 this past Friday. While the entire cast wasn’t able to make it, those who were able to attend provided us with an excellent panel. Even ten years later, the cast and crew seems as if no time had passed. Still just one big happy family. Though I wasn’t able to attend Comic-Con personally this year, I was able to catch the video of the panel by TFAW on youtube (link below).

First, let me just say that it still impresses me that a show that only lasted for one short season has had this much of an impact on people. The fact that we are able to get a panel at Comic-Con ten years after a show is cancelled makes me incredibly proud to call myself a fan. Judging by the amount of applause everyone received as they walked in, I”m not the only proud Browncoat out there. You can tell emotions were running high for both the panel and the fans. Even Nathan Fillion replied to a question with ” “If I get though this without crying, I’ll look a lot cooler.”

Adam Baldwin eventually breaks out a replica of the beloved Jayne Cobb hat. He speaks shortly on it about how he twisted Tim Minear’s arm a bit to be able to wear it in the whole episode. He also asks the audience a trivia question (“On which planet did Tracey wished to be buried?”). The crowd stuggles a bit at first, but someone eventually answers correctly and wins the replica hat as a prize. (The real hat worn by Adam on the show went for $5,000, which was donated to charity.)

I was a bit sad that we didn’t get to hear from Summer Glau much, seeing as she was the only female cast member there. When asked what the key to her character was, she replied with ” “Remembering myself at 17, which was two years before, that was pretty much it.” This led to some joking from Whedon, but he went on to say just how much the actress meant to him.

Some fan questions were asked, which led to the news of future Firefly comics from Dark Horse! Joss also went to to mention that Firefly is Dark Horse’s #1 selling series to date. The question of an animated series was asked, to which Whedon replied, “I get it, but for some reason I would be more interested in doing it as a radio show.” Which then led to Fillion and Tudyk acting out a short, hilarious scene.

The subject of the cancellation came up and Fillion chimed with how he had thought it was the worst thing in the world when the show as cancelled. But then went on to say, “Now I realize the worst thing that could have happened is if it stayed dead.” Another fan asked how Firefly would have been different, had it not been cancelled, “I don’t think I would have killed anybody,” Whedon answered with. “We would have learned about the Blue Sun conspiracy, Inara and Shepherd Book.”

A few more questions were asked and then the final question of what the fans meant to Joss Whedon was asked. You could see the wave of emotion pass over the man as he struggled for an answer. He is given a standing ovation by the entire room. Even watching the panel at home, by myself, this brought tears to my eyes.


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