REVIEW: Weeds 8×03 – ‘See Blue and Smell Cheese and Die’

Let the games begin! In tonight’s episode of Weeds, Nancy and Silas are on the lookout for Shane, who is on the hunt for Nancy’s shooter. Andy tries his hand at bonding with Jill’s twins, and Doug and Whit come up with another crazy scheme. The episode also guest starred Mae Whitman.

Warning: Review contains spoilers.

Having not been entirely impressed with the season so far, I have to say, I loved tonight’s episode. Nancy’s finally back at home and is thrust back into the crazy lifestyle that she chose to lead. The episode opens with Nancy walking into the kitchen, where she finds a card Shane had left with a message saying that not only did he know who shot Nancy, but he was taking it upon himself to go after them. Nancy and Silas go through Shane’s computer, come to the conclusion that it was Tim Scottson and head after Shane.

I was happy that we got to have some scenes with Nancy and Silas alone together. After everything that happened with them last season, it’s nice to see them as mother and son once again. Another thing I was happy about was that Nancy found out about Shane’s police training from Silas. I’m glad they didn’t try and drag it out longer than it needed to be.

Mae Whitman was a guest star tonight, and I thought she did pretty darn awesome. She played Tim’s not-so-sane girlfriend, who Tim apparently saved from the rape barn, “back when it was still made of wood”. Anyhow, Nancy and Silas eventually track down Tim at his job at a Sandwich shop and drag him to a parking lot. Some words were exchanged between Nancy and Tim while Silas stood idly by. They end up back at Tim’s apartment, where Nancy is trying to help Tim get away. It seems like our suburban baroness of bud really had turned a new leaf… excuse the pun.

Shane arrives at the apartment, police in tow. He arrests Tim and Ouellette makes a comment about how Shane is trying to impress his mom. I’m still not sure what to think of the fact that Shane is training to become a cop. It could go both ways, as to how it ends. Shane could be helpful to his mother’s er, careear. Or, he could completely destroy his entire family. And their business.

Aside from all that mayhem, Andy takes it upon himself to volunteer to coach Jill’s daughters’ roller derby team. I thought the storyline was interesting, I loved that the girls were doing roller derby, rather than something mainstream. Definitely fits them. Nothing super huge happened with this story, but it did end with Andy getting into a slap fight with Scott, Jill’s ex. This resulted in him leaving once again, which I am perfectly fine with.

Also in this episode, Doug and Whit are fired, which pushes them onto their next scam. Honestly, it feels like they’ve just completely lost a place for Doug in the show. I feel like they’re just trying so hard to keep him relevant, but it just hasn’t been working for me. Which is a same, I love Doug.

All in all, I thought it was a good episode. Definitely my favorite of the season so far.


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